About us

About us

Sit back, relax, watch the waves, and transform your home into the perfect beachfront “cabin”.

Could it have something to do with life? Water is life, after all – nothing can survive without it. If you love water and associate it with feelings of well-being, happiness and delight or even adventure of freedom, the nautical look is a classic theme that suites a wide audience.

If you find yourself constantly longing for a relaxing vacation along the sandy shores or yearning to go on a coast to coast cruise, look no further.

We have wide range of model boats to bring the waves to your home and living room.
With The Nautical Store model boats, you can turn your own apartment or living space into a beautiful waterfront home.

Live on the beach with nautical style and enjoy the waves.

The nautical store
The Nautical Store has a little something for everyone, from the average size of 50cm to 100cm model boat for unique ways to decorate a new home.

All models are 100% hand built from scratch by skillful and experienced craftsmen. The models are built according to the scale of the original ships through original plans or pictures using the plank-on-frame construction method. The hull is built with strips of wood just like the way to build the real boat.  The hull is hollow inside, not a piece of solid wood.

Inside the hull, there is epoxy helps to keep the strips to bond close to one another and not split, crack or twist even in variable climatic conditions.

Most of the customers are very curious about how the boats are built? Here is a photo describes how the boat is built from the beginning to the end.

Another most concern of the customers is that can you custom make as our design? YES, we can, just provide us with the drawings and detailed photos showing all the angles of the ship/ boat. In case you do not have the drawings, we can build from the photos with no problem.

We would love to bring Vietnamese culture through our handcrafted artworks. All of our model boats are handcrafted in Vietnam and we are working directly with craftsmen with great expertise around the country.

–  All of our stocks are here in Auckland, so all products will be shipped from Auckland.
–  Model boat might packed with mast fold flat down to minimize the shipping cost  *We can ship without mast fold down if request (subject to agree on shipping cost)

Our team will do everything possible to keep our online customers happy with smooth and safe transactions.

Please watch our video for a quick guide on “How to set model boats mast up?”