How to set model boat up?

How are your model ships constructed?

We build our model ships using the plank-on-frame or plank-on-bulkhead construction method. This is a painstaking process, taking hundreds of hours, in which each individual plank is added to the hull one at a time. Our models are not constructed from pre-made, pre-measured, mass-marketed, mass-produced model kits. To learn more about how we build our models

What woods do you use to build the models?

We use only the highest-quality woods available such as cherry, birch, maple, Blackwood, white lotus, walnut, rosewood, teak, yellow siris, light ebony and others.

Are they all fully assembled?

Yes, our ships are 100% handmade and fully assembled

What should I buy to decor?

When you’re planning to decorate a room — or even a whole house! — with a nautical theme, model ships and decorative boats can anchor your decor in a way that no other decorative item can match.

These intricately-designed models are an eye-catching addition to any room, and there’s a ship models available to fit any design or colors scheme.

Historic sailboat models are perfect for those who have a favorite historical period. These can look stunning in a den or library with sailing charts and nautical maps.

Beach Bums: To set up a fresh, fun beach cottage, try a model sailing boat for a focal point that reminds visitors of life on the sea.

Film Lovers: For a more cinematic take on nautical decor, choose a model ship straight from your favorite movie. Pirate ships are always a fun choice, and an old-fashioned model ocean liner or cruise ship model can evoke a bygone era.

No matter what your taste or style, there’s a model ship to fit your decor perfectly.

Do you make custom boat?

Yes, for custom boat enquiries please email us at info@thenauticalstore.co.nz