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Royal Louis model ship (90cm)

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The Royal Louis was a ship of the line of the French Royal Navy. She was constructed at Toulon between 1666 and 1670 under the direction of Rodolphe Gédéon and served as flagship of the French fleet in the Mediterranean.

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Royal Louis Model ship

On his visit to Toulon in 1683, the English naval engineer Edmund Dummer described the Royal Louis as “a great ship and glorious in her first carving, no doubt; but to my judgment not of good proportion, nor good workmanship, her figure under water I know not, nor is that above to be admired”.

The threedecker ROYAL LOUIS of 1780 with her 122 cannons was one of the prominent first rate ships of the line in the French royal navy. The ship represented a high point of technology development in ship building.

That excellent model of the ROYAL LOUIS is a very beautiful piece of art. The ship’s power, the elegant lines of the hull and the impressive rigging are exquisitely shown in the model.

Our model ship is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction. Model is fully assembled and ready for display.

Each model is packed fully assembled in wooden crate and put in the carton. Model is ready for display.

Note: Our craftsmen are always choose the color of wood to be consistent. However, the natural color of the wood use sometimes is not 100% exactly the same with the pictures.

**Model boat might packed with mast fold flat down to minimize the shipping cost**

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