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San Felipe model ship (90cm)

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San Felipe model ship

Built in 1690, San Felipe soon proved to be Spain’s most powerful fighting ship ever.  Her slim profile and wide spread of sail bestowed great manoeuvrability and agility. She established herself very quickly as her impressive record in the first 4 years of service made her the flagship of the famous Spanish Armanda. Under the command of Commodore Enrique MacDonnell, San Felipe was armed to take on the mightiest ships in the French and British navies.

San Felipe held a very active major role in the war against Britain and France. In 1705, after 15 years of unparalleled services, she led 11 other Spanish vessels to attack a British fleet of 35 ships. The British recognized San Felipe and concentrated firepower on her. After 24 hours of furious battle, she was captured but was so badly damaged and went to the bottom with several tons of gold. The battle was considered a victory for Spain as 9 British and only 4 Spanish ships were lost. San Felipe herself sunk 2 ships-of-the-line and 1 frigate. This record still stands as of today.

Our model ship is hand-crafted from hard wood with planks on frame construction. Model is fully assembled and ready for display.

Each model is packed fully assembled in wooden crate and put in the carton. Model is ready for display.

Note: Our craftsmen are always choose the colour of wood to be consistent. However, the natural colors of the wood use sometimes is not 100% exactly the same with the pictures.

**Model boat might packed with mast fold flat down to minimize the shipping cost**

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